Welcome to Vossahytten - House Manual & Check in instructions

Thank you for booking with us. We hope you will enjoy your stay in «Vossahytten».

To help you achieve a great vacation we have created a «house manual» and a tourist guide with information that can help you get an even better vacation.

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Check in instructions

This cabin has an electronic doorlock to make keyless and contactless check in possible. Two days before your arrival you should recieve your keycode by email or through your booking channel. If you are booking through Booking.com please check the app. If you don’t recieve the code, dont hesitate to contact us.

Our contact information:


Agnethe: +47 917 52 603

Tormod: +47 959 94 618


After checking in please check the Waterguard in the hall. It should be set to «On». If the house is empty for a while before guests arrive it is set to off. When leaving the cabin turn this «Off», unless the washer is running. It can not operate when the water is turned off.


Do not remove the key from the terrace door, it only works in this door. The main door is controlled by an electronic keylock. You will receive the code before your stay.

Underfloor heating

The cabin has underfloor heating in all rooms except the bedroom. The heating is controlled by four separate thermostats. To change the temperature in a zone follow these instructions:

Turn up the heat:
Push the top middle of the thermostat lightly. 1 push shows the current temperature. The following pushes will turn up the temperature by 0,5 degrees Celsius.

Turn down the heat:
Push the bottom middle of the thermostat the same way.

Temperature can be controlled remotely so contact the owner if you have problems or if you forget to return the temperature to default temperatures on departure. Default temperature settings are:

  • Bathroom: 23
  • Living Room: 20
  • Hall: 18


Garbage is to be left in the brown house with garbage bins at the entrance of the area. It is very important that the trash is taken out of the cabin, as it is not always cleaned the same day as the guest leaves. Please follow the recycling instructions on placed on the brown house.



Username: Vossahytten

Password: sansel.no


To use the stove start by placing a pot or frying pan on the desired plate.

Then press the «power» button  marked with a red square for approx. one second.

Each zone has its own heat setting.

To switch off the stove, hold the «power» button for approx. one second.


To switch on the oven, first, select wanted mode on the left button. Then press the middle button until «PRE» appears on the display. 

Select the desired temperature on the right switch. It takes a few seconds before the preheating of the stove starts. 

The left and right switches must be pressed so that the buttons pop out before they can be used. 

The oven is turned of by selecting «0» on the left button.

Shower Fan

To use the fan in the bathroom, the light must be switched on. Then you can turn on the switch on the wall. The fan switches off automatically but can be reactivated by turning the switch off and then on again.


In addition to various streaming channels, the cabin is equipped with Chromecast. To connect to Chromecast do as follows:

  1. Connect to the cabin’s WiFi.
  2. Choose your streaming media from your phone or pc.
  3. Choose the cabins Chromecast.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The apartment is equipped with a robot vacuum cleaner. It is very easy to use. However the dustbin needs to be emptied after a few cleaning runs.

The most basic, and most used features are marked on the image above. Press the Clean button to start the cleaning. The vacuumer will clean all areas that are accessible.

If you want to return the vacuumer to the dock before it is finished, press the Dock button.

After a few cleaning runs the dustbin needs to be emptied.

Usually you don’t need to put water on the filter. Tap it carefully to knock off the dust, and reinstall it in the vacuumer.

Places of Interest

Skiing - Voss Ski Resort

Only 70 meters away, across the road is the base of the skilifts. You can purchase tickets for the lifts, and also rent equipment from this area.

Other Places of Interest

Indoor Skydiving: www.vossvind.no

Skydiving: www.skydivevoss.no

Rafting: www.vossrafting.no

Voss Climbing: www.vossklatrepark.no

Cinema: www.vosskino.no