Welcome to Sansel Cabin- House Manual & Check in instructions

Thank you for booking with us. We hope you will enjoy your stay in «SanSel Cabin».

To help you achieve a great vacation we have created this «house manual».

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Check in instructions

This cabin has an electronic doorlock to make keyless and contactless check in possible. Two days before your arrival you should recieve your keycode by email or through your booking channel. If you are booking through Booking.com please check the app. If you don’t recieve the code, dont hesitate to contact us.

When you arrive at the cabin, the first thing you should do, is to press the «home» button by the entrance. This will turn on the heating in upstairs bedrooms, and also give electricity to the stove in the kitchen. You only need to press the «away» button when you check-out, but if these items are powered off, it can be fixed by pressing the «home» button again.

Our contact information:


Agnethe: +47 917 52 603

Tormod: +47 959 94 618

Ipad in living room

The ipad in the living room is not for use by guests. Please dont try to enter the code, it will only lock the ipad.


Username: www.sansel.no

Password: www.sansel.no

Underfloor heating

The cabin has underfloor heating in all rooms except the bedrooms and loft upstairs. The underfloor heating is controlled by separate wallmounted thermostats. As default the temperature shown is the temperature that is sensed in the air in the current room.

To change the temperature in a zone/room follow these instructions:

To use the screen, touch it once, the screen should now be backlit.

Turn up the heat:

1. Press the screen so it is backlit

2. Touch the temperature

3. Press the up arrow to turn up the heat, and down arrow to turn it down.

Temperature can be controlled remotely so contact the owner if you have problems or if you forget to return the temperature to default temperatures on departure. 

Default temperature settings are:

  • Bathroom Downstairs: 24
  • Bathroom Upwnstairs: 22
  • Living Room: 22
  • Hall: 20
  • Bedrooms: 17
  • Laundry: 20

Ovens upstairs

There are 3 wallmounted MILL AV600Wifi ovens upstairs. One in each bedroom and one at the loft.

Often you will not need to regulate them, but if you need to change the temperature it is easy to do.

Keep in mind they don’t turn on unless you press the «Home button» by the entrance, so it might take a little time before the bedrooms have reached the wanted temperature. On the right side, where the wifi signal is, there is a panel you can lift. Just press the + or – to set the wanted temperature.


Default temperatures are 19 degrees, so please return it to this before you check-out.



Garbage is to be left in the brown house with garbage bins at the entrance of the area. It is very important that the trash is taken out of the cabin, as it is not always cleaned the same day as the guest leaves. Please follow the recycling instructions on placed on the brown house. 


If there is no power on the stove, please go to the entrance and press the button on the wall called «Home». This gives power to the stove, and is turned off when there is no one in the cabin for security reasons.

To use the stove start by placing a pot or frying pan on the desired plate.

Then press the «power» button  marked with a red square for approx. one second.  The oven can be used with 1-4 zones depending on the size of the pan. If there is no power on the stove, please go to the entrance and press the button on the wall called «Home». This gives power to the stove, and is turned off when there is no one in the cabin for security reasons.

Control the temperature by using the touch panel at the bottom of the stove.

If you are using more than 2 zones, mark the zone you want to change temperature on before you make the change.

To switch off the stove, hold the «power» button for approx. one second.


Turn it on by pressing the «On/Off» physical button.

Turn the knob to choose the mode of the oven. After you have chosen the right mode, press the temperature icon with your finger, and again turn the knob to find the right temperature.


This is a combined oven/microwave. To use the microwave press «Menu» and choose «microwave». Turn the knob to chose the power setting. 

Press the screen to choose timer, turn the knob to selevt the correct timer.

Important: Do not use a baking tray or any other metal object inside the microwave. Have food on a plate or in a plastic container to heat it.


In addition to various streaming channels, the cabin is equipped with Chromecast. To connect to Chromecast do as follows:

  1. Connect to the cabin’s WiFi.
  2. Choose your streaming media from your phone or pc.
  3. Choose the Chromecast device you want to connect to.

Multiroom audio

The cabin has installed multiroom audio in the living room, bathroom and hall.

This is easily controlled by connecting to the WIFI with your phone. After wifi connection is made, through Spotify you can choose which devices you want to play on.

Keep in mind, that if there are neighbours in the next door cabin, don’t distrub them by playing the music too loud.

    Robot Vacuum cleaner

    The apartment is equipped with a robot vacuum cleaner. It is very easy to use. However the dustbin needs to be emptied after a few cleaning runs.

    The most basic, and most used features are marked on the image above. Press the Clean button to start the cleaning. The vacuumer will clean all areas that are accessible.

    If you want to return the vacuumer to the dock before it is finished, press the Dock button.

    After a few cleaning runs the dustbin needs to be emptied.

    Usually you don’t need to put water on the filter. Tap it carefully to knock off the dust, and reinstall it in the vacuumer.

    Places of Interest

    Skiing - Voss Ski Resort

    Only 70 meters away, across the road is the base of the skilifts. You can purchase tickets for the lifts, and also rent equipment from this area.

    Other Places of Interest

    Indoor Skydiving: www.vossvind.no

    Skydiving: www.skydivevoss.no

    Rafting: www.vossrafting.no

    Voss Climbing: www.vossklatrepark.no

    Other Adventures in the Region: www.fjordsandpeaks.com

    Cinema: www.vosskino.no