Welcome to Casa Alise - House Manual & Check in instructions

Thank you for booking with us. We hope you will enjoy your stay in «Casa Alise», in the Cinema House building in Los Boliches, Fuengirola.

To help you achieve a great vacation we have created a «house manual» and a tourist guide with information that can help you get an even better vacation. The website www.casaalise.eu also contains information about the apartment and guides to activities and what to see in the area.

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The beach near Casa Alise

Before you travel to Spain

Before you leave for Spain make sure you have sent us the following information:

Our contact information:


Agnethe: +47 917 52 603

Tormod: +47 959 94 618

Tourist registration (only if you are a non-Spanish resident)

According to Spanish regulations, the government demands that you fill in the form “Tourist Registration”. One form should be filled in for each guest of the house that has turned 16 or older at the time of the stay. This way, we will make the final registration to the government. You can fill in the form online by pressing the buttons below.

Keys to the apartment

Both the building and the apartment have electronic door locks, the codes will be sent to you prior to your arrival.  

Inside the house, there is one set of keys for you. They are placed on the wall behind the door. These keys are a security key for the apartment door, and a key to the gym, sauna and main building door. The security key is only necessary if there is a power outage in the building, else it is keyless access to the building and the apartment. Remember that the doors automatically locks when closing it. 

If you are using the garage, you will also get access to a key box with a garage-door opener.

On check-out: Please make sure to leave all the keys in the apartment on the key hanger behind the door when you check out, including the garage door opener. If you have a car this means you have to take the car out, run up with all the keys and hang them before you leave. 

Check In & Check Out

Check-in is at 16:00 and check-out is at 10:00 unless another time is agreed upon. Early check-ins and late check-outs depend on cleaning and if other guests are incoming or leaving.

You will be sent the codes to enter the building and the apartment before your arrival.

Important information about the house

Community pool, gym, and sauna

The pool is on the 4th floor. The remote for the pool cover is by the window by the entrance to the pool. Use this to remove the cover from the pool, please replace the cover when you are done using the pool, and leave the remote where you found it. Make sure to close the gate when leaving the area.


Please don’t leave hot kitchenware on the kitchen counter, it will leave burn marks.

Roof terrace

The roof terrace is accessible on the same floor as the pool. To get to the roof, press the grey button by the gate/stairs, and manually pull open the gate. Make sure to lock the gate when no longer using the roof terrace.

Gym and sauna

The gym is located in the garage, close to the parking space. The sauna is located inside the gym. Remember to lock the door to the gym after use.

Parking Space

This property has a private parking space in the garage. The street outside the building is pedestrian. However, this apartment has a special license to drive on the street for parking purposes. For you to be allowed to drive on this street, we need the following information from you:

  • Car license plate number, type, model, and the color of the car.
  • Name of the owner of the car or the person renting the car.
  • Signed rental contract.

Driving on the street without the registration done to the Townhall will result in a fine(s), not covered by the owner.

Instruction manual


The Aircondition is very effective. Please turn it off when you leave the apartment, or when you have the terrace door open. These are the functions you should know about. Please don’t mess around with the system settings.

Press this icon to switch on or off the zone where the thermostat is located. 


Press on the temperature and use the – and + icons to select the desired set-point temperature (accuracy: ±0.5ºC).


This menu item displays the operating mode of the system. This parameter can be accessed from your master thermostat. Available modes:


In this operating mode, the system works exclusively in ventilation mode.



In this operating mode, the system works exclusively in cooling mode.


  In this operating mode, the system works exclusively in heating mode.



In this operating mode, the system works in dry mode, refreshing the zone and reducing the humidity.


PS: The bathrooms do not have air-conditioning. They only have the option of underfloor heating.

 Spotlights & Dimming

It might not be obvious but the spotlights controlled from the hall can be dimmed. One quick push turns them on and off. After they are turned on, one long push will dim up or down.

Windows in bedrooms

The windows can be opened sideways, and inwards. This is determined by the handle position: 

DOWN = locked

RIGHT = sideways opening

UP = inwards opening. 

Make sure to close the window completely before turning the handle. If not it might cause you not to be able to close the window, as a hinge might pop out. 

Robot Vacuum cleaner

The apartment is equipped with a robot vacuum cleaner. It is very easy to use. However the dustbin needs to be emptied after a few cleaning runs.


The most basic, and most used features are marked on the image above. Press the Clean button to start the cleaning. The vacuumer will clean all areas that are accessible.

If you want to return the vacuumer to the dock before it is finished, press the Dock button.

After a few cleaning runs the dustbin needs to be emptied.

Usually you don’t need to put water on the filter. Tap it carefully to knock off the dust, and reinstall it in the vacuumer.


Tourist Guide and House rules

We recommend that you take a closer look at the tourist guide. This guide includes a lot of information about the house and the area. As a guest, you must comply with the house and community rules in this guide. The house rules are available inside the tourist guide below. The tourist guide is also present in the apartment, but the web version is always updated.

Directions to the house

We have made a little map describing the last part of the way to get to Casa Alise. The easiest is to use Google maps directions from Malaga Airport Car Hire to Casa Alise, Calle Fransisco Cano 90. 


The GPS coordinates (WGS84 Decimal) to the holiday home is Latitude: 36.553675, Longitude: –4.6136338.

Directon to get into the pedestrian one way street from two angles