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About us

Picture of Agnethe & Tormod
Picture of Agnethe & Tormod
We are a married couple of many years and we want to share our private home and vacation homes with you.

Keep in mind that we use these dwellings ourselves, either as our own home, or our vacation homes. We want to share these places with you, and to be our guests and feel at home. The places we have available is chosen because not only the houses are very nice, but also the surroundings offer a lot to the visitor.

The Villa – Our home in Bergen (Bjørgegrend)

The villa offers a perfect place to live if you visit Bergen in Norway. Its location is such that everything you would like to see or visit is close by. Since this is our main home, the availability is somewhat limited. Please contact us for a better overview of when it would be available. Read more about the house.

Sansel Cabin – Brand new Cabin in the mountains of Voss

Located only 10 meters from “Vossahytten”, this cabin is perfect for larger families, or even two families staying together. The cabin was built in 2019, and we have hosted several happy guests here. This cabin is among the nicer cabins at Voss, and it is well equipped and has wonderful views. Read more about Sansel Cabin here.

Vossahytten – The Cabin in the mountains of Voss

Vossahytten is the cabin in the mountains. It is located 1,5 hours drive from Bergen and we use it mainly for the winter season, we enjoy skiing with our children here. Availability can be limited during the winter, but it is easier to get hold of during
the rest of the year. Please stay in touch on email or on our Facebook page if you want to know if there could be available times. Please check the Airbnb site for booking or to check the calendar.

Vossahytten offers perfect conditions both during winter and summer. There are great skiing slopes for the wintertime, and the best ones are starts only 70 meters away from the cabin. During summer you can use the cabin as a base for visiting all parts of Voss and the surroundings. The cabin is popular so don’t wait too long before booking it. Read more about the Cabin.

The Townhouse (in Fuengirola/Mijas, south of Spain)

This is where we like to go during our summer vacations. We really love it in Spain and hope you will share our enjoyment of the areas. Read more about the townhouse.

If you have any suggestions about the site or the houses or are interested in renting either of the places please send us an email.

Lots of love,

Agnethe & Tormod Seljenes.